Jodi Arias trial to be postponed due to older Bryan Wayne Hulsey case

New developments in the Jodi Arias trial….as we previously reported, there have been conflicting schedules between the Bryan Wayne Hulsey and Jodi Arias cases.  Judge Kreamer, who is presiding over the Hulsey case, has stated numerous times in recent hearings that Hulsey takes precedence over Arias since his case is older.  Bryan Hulsey’s case is from 2007 and Jodi Arias is from 2008, thus making it a larger priority.  In the hearing today, Judge Welty was the one tasked with mediating over the scheduling decision and ultimately determining Bryan Hulsey needed to go first.

Of course many people are not happy to hear this; we must remember the importance of making sure these cases are protected under their civil rights and due process.  If this was not done, it could create large issues on appeal and in order to protect everyone involved in the criminal justice system, it is reasonable for Welty’s decision.  Jodi Arias will have a new trial date, yet to be scheduled.  While many of you are drowning your frustrations out in a whole bottle of wine, be rest assured her trial will be rescheduled and her day will come.  Until then, know that the victim’s family in the Bryan Wayne Hulsey case deserves their time in court and justice to be served for their son.  We will keep you updated of any new developments.  The Trial Divas xoxo


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2 thoughts on “Jodi Arias trial to be postponed due to older Bryan Wayne Hulsey case

  1. I think it’s great! Jodi will have to find out that she’s just not that important. I think she loved the attention of the spotlight & this will really piss her off. The determination if she lives or dies is being put aside for another person’s trial–that has to be a blow to her ego! And it gives her more time to sit and stew–she won’t be going into her trial with the possibility of freedom. She knows that no matter what happens, she loses.

  2. I wonder how much the Hulsey case has already cost in monetary terms so far. The emotional cost to the victim’s family would be insurmountable. However, it would be interesting to see if Hulsey has already cost the state more than Arias, seeing as he has seen more doctors than she has. In actual fact with all the delays it appears that Arias is a novice as opposed to Hulsey. Won’ that just make her spit chips?? *Insert sarcasm here

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