New Minute Entry For Jodi Arias Penalty Phase Re-Trial


Looks like things are moving along in the penalty phase re-trial process of Jodi Arias and will continue behind closed doors. This is leaving The Trial Divas to wonder if this re-trial will get live streamed since the judge is closing everything off due to everyone’s watchful eye on the case. We will have to wait and see what tomorrow and the 18th bring. Until Then, The Trial Divas xoxoxo

New Minute Entry Regarding Upcoming Oral Arguments

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9 thoughts on “New Minute Entry For Jodi Arias Penalty Phase Re-Trial

  1. So first this judge does everything she can to toady to the defense, and now she is making sure that the public can’t continue to watch her wimpiness live and call her out on it.
    I expect tomorrow to be yet another stunning disappointment.
    Poor Travis. Poor Alexander Family.

  2. Does that mean I can’t see her in her fav wardrobe and gold chains anymore? I think we all should start a new petition about this. We all have invested a lot of our diva time on this

  3. Anonymous, October 2, Judge Stephens is following the law, and is responding to a motion by the defence, to change the venue, and all parties have agreed to close the two hearings before the jury is selected to ensure an impartial jury. If there was not agreement and the Judge dismissed the concerns of the defence it could be a point of Appeal and they may ask for and get a retrial of the sentencing. The trial is now moving along.

  4. none of this is gonna matter anyway – Juan will NAIL IT – it’s all delay, delay, delay by the duhfense, an once this new jury hears the evidence of said blood-thirsty-sociopath-killer, it will be as it was, before the idiot jury foreman wimped out on his duty

  5. I don’t understand the judge not allowing this on live stream it’s the public right why cut of the public now when most already know she’s been convicted of murder, doesn’t make any sense what so ever……..

  6. I watched every second of this trial and will be very disappointed if they don’t allow cameras for the rest of the penalty phase. This poor family has suffered enough and needs to get closure.

  7. Anonymous . I feel a retrial is a waste of time and money for the tax payer. After all the family of Alexander Travis did get closure with the conviction. I don’t see why they would want to go through this torture one more time. They are only torturing themselves. This does not mean that I don’t feel for this family. My heart goes out to them.

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