Update on Jodi Arias Status Conference from September 27th, 2013

Jodi Arias 77

With the completion of the Evidentiary Hearing for Jodi Arias today, there has been a change to the October 4th hearing from a Status Conference to an Oral Argument and will be a closed hearing.  There has also been another Oral Argument added to the calendar on October 18th as well.  The Settlement Conference still stands on October 24th.  This means there is an issue, or in everything Jodi Arias issues, that are still being argued.  It may not be what everyone wants to hear that the hearing is closed, but at least at this point it is progress.  Things are moving forward and as much as everyone feels they are running out of patience, be rest assured Juan has this handled and is making sure each portion is being dealt with in the best manner possible.  So, we wait for the next hearing on October 4th and see what unravels next…..Until then, The Trial Divas

Jodi Arias Hearing Updates


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7 thoughts on “Update on Jodi Arias Status Conference from September 27th, 2013

  1. Life without the possibility of parole, if not death. She brutally murdered Travis and she should never breath fresh air again.

  2. Expect more lies and misrepresentation in future dealings with this guilty woman. One of her previous mitigating factor examples follows. Other than people finding humor regarding her hair donation concept, no one seems to have questioned it quite possibly because no one bothered to do the math, check requirements for hair donations, or thought this was too insignificant to address since she is a proven liar. It simply demonstrates proof of her continual lies and misrepresentation. Of course, a jury member may not have the know/edge or information to debate or time to research her claims and inferences.

    Hair Donation Facts:
    1. JA claimed during her speech on mitigating factors that she had donated her hair 3 times since her arrest in 2008, and that she would continue to do so. She referenced Locks of Love.

    2. Locks of Love requires a donation minimum of 10 inches of hair that has not been colored over bleach. Hair that doesn’t meet their requirement is not accepted and is not returned to the donor. This is on the Locks of Love website. It was proven at trial that she had colored her hair over bleach in mid-2008 before brutally murdering Travis Alexander. Perhaps in her pre-meditation stage, the thought occurred that dried blood isn’t as visible in dark hair as in blonde hair in addition to the very changed appearance.

    3. Hair grows approximately 1/2 inch per month, about 6 inches/year, about 30 inches in 5 years. Mid-2008 to mid-2013 is 5 years, when she provided this mitigating factor. In order for the color over bleach to have been removed, all 30 inches would have been cut during those 5 years to make an acceptable hair donation after those 5 years. She said she had donated 3 times during those 5 years, inferring that it was to Locks of Love. She went to trial in January 2013, approximately 4.5 years after her arrest, which computes to about 27 inches of hair growth. At no time during the trial did she have 10 inches of hair cut off. Her hair was about the same length over the course of the trial, which would indicate that it was being trimmed somewhat regularly, and it doesn’t matter by whom. That means that only 27 inches of growth would likely have occurred from mid-2008 to January 2013. It is impossible to meet Locks of Love stated donation requirements in this timeframe by this guilty woman. An unacceptable donation could have been made for length and chemical treatments.

    4. A minimum donation of 10 inches of hair is visibly notable on the donor. In her numerous media gigs over those 5 years, not once did she have a visible change (of 10 inches minimum) in her hair length. If her hair hasn’t been color treated since her arrest, is is possible that she could donate her hair since June 2013. It will be visible if she does so, if anyone cares to monitor this. It will simply prove or disprove her hair donations. Likely she is far too vain to do this. At this point her hair length is about all she has left.

    This particular mitigating factor is not significant other than to demonstrate her continuing lies and misrepresentation that appear on the surface as humanitarian and valid, similar to her other lame mitigating factors. Her appearance has changed to meet her purposes from the bleached blonde bombshell she represented herself to be before Travis’ murder, to the dyed look during and after the murder, and the plain appearance with eye glasses at trial. Her impression focused persona remains the same.

  3. Great post! You should check out this blog too, exposing her family http://jodiariasguilty.com Why can’t we have quicker justice; the Alexanders have been waiting for justice since 2008 and as they said in their victim impact statements, they want the death penalty.. I wish the courts would give the victims some peace of mind.. stop worrying so much about the rights of murderers!

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