Update on Search for Baby Elaina

Baby Elaina

Toledo Police said on Thursday that the department received new information regarding the disappearance of east Toledo toddler, Elaina Steinfurth.

According to a TPD press release, “At 3:16 p.m., September 5th, Toledo Police Detectives executed a search warrant based on new information at 704 Federal”.

The property is the home where baby Elaina was last seen on June 2, and is the home where Elaina’s mother’s ex-boyfriend, Steven King, was living before he was arrested in the case.

King and Elaina’s mother, Angela Steinfurth are both facing charges of obstruction of justice in Elaina’s disappearance.

King appeared in court on the charge Thursday morning and according to sources was then taken to Toledo Police Headquarters to be interviewed by detectives.

Sources say that King was with detectives for most of the afternoon.

At this time, it is unclear if King provided the “new information” that Toledo Police say lead to the most recent search at King’s former residence.

Toledo Police say they will not discuss the results of the latest search until Friday morning at a 10:30 a.m. press conference.

The father of baby Elaina, TJ Steinfurth, was also taken to police headquarters on Thursday afternoon, but was seen back in east Toledo shortly afterward.

Family members would not say what Steinfurth may have been told by police.

Also at the scene on Federal Street , where the search warrant was executed on Thursday, tensions heated up quickly after news spread that King’s home was being searched. A fight between numerous bystanders erupted and numerous officers were called to the scene to break up the fight.

In addition, sources at the scene say that police brought a box out of King’s home that was covered with a tarp.

Police have not said what was in the box or revealed where it was taken.

Source: Angie Gonzalez, Northwest Ohio

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2 thoughts on “Update on Search for Baby Elaina

  1. Heartbreaking. It is so obvious what was in the box, if it was covered with a tarp.
    Rest in peace, sweet baby girl. Be with God.

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