Joshua Young Family Round UP

Preparing for the Joshua Young trial, The Trial Divas realized there are a myriad of details including the eclectic people involved in this already complicated case.  In order to clear the confusion we wanted to present a rundown of everyone involved and what their role is.  While this will help for each of us to identify with the main players, it is critical to know that many details of the case will not be revealed until the trial begins and evidence is presented.  Afterall, Joshua Young was only 15 years old at the time of the crime.  This provided protection regarding many elements inside his charges and overall case.  Now that he is being tried as an adult we will be allowed to dive in with both stilettos to watch this tragic murder unfold.

Trey Zwicker

Trey Zwicker – A 14 year old Seneca High School and honor roll student whose life was cut short by a beating that left him dead in May of 2011.  While Trey had a bright future ahead of him, he was being led down a dark path by his step father Josh Gouker.  Trey was given marijuana by his step dad, shown inappropriate sexual content and even exposed to drug and alcohol abuse.  These improper activities were the foundation leading up to Gouker snapping and murdering Trey, leaving his body behind a high school in Kentucky.  It was a tragic event as no child should ever be exposed to these conditions putting their life in jeopardy.

Joshua Young 3

Joshua Young – Joshua is currently 17 years old as he sits in a courtroom watching jury selection knowing the fate of his abundant future will now lie in the hands of twelve jurors.  He is being charged with the murder of his step brother Trey Zwicker.  Throughout the entire process, Joshua has claimed his innocence saying he did not murder Trey.  He was just 15 years old at the time of offense.  The influence of his own father Josh Gouker was the same one that was bestowed upon Trey, the difference was Joshua had a mother who died in 2010 of drug overdose while his father was serving time in a prison.  He was essentially raised by the foster care system leading him to a stable home until his dad was released from Prison, taking back custody of Joshua.  Shortly after he began living with his dad, his step mom and Trey one of them was murdered.  Joshua is currently being charged as an adult and facing life in prison, which for a young man like Joshua is a long time to spend locked up.

Joshua gouker

Josh “Big Josh” Gouker – Also named Josh, he is the father to accused Joshua Young and step father to victim Trey Zwicker.  He was convicted on July 26, 2013 for beating Trey with a pipe, ultimately leading to murder.  With a criminal history and prior convicted felon, he had not gotten on the path to recovery as he smoked marijuana with both boys, including moments before the death of Trey.  He originally claimed his son Joshua committed the murder, only to later confess that he blamed his son because he was a juvenile and felt would receive a lesser sentence.  That idea was soon quashed as the courts charged his son and proceeded to charge him as an adult.  Josh is also known to have been affiliated with and have ties to gang activity.

z mcfarland

Amanda McFarland – She is the mother to victim Trey Zwicker and wife to convicted murderer Josh Gouker.  During the trial for Josh, Amanda told the court “He doesn’t deserve pity, he doesn’t deserve mercy”.  Of course her sentiments were aimed at the wretched man who killed her son.  She also discussed her pain by saying, “Burying my son is the hardest I ever had to do”.  With her sadness and anger present, she even more terrified after her son was found dead.  She feared her husband Josh Gouker and filed a protection order to maintain the safety of her daughter and her family.  Of course as devastating as this story is, these Trial Divas can’t help but question how much she knew about the inappropriate lifestyle her husband led and how much she chose to look the other way.

Terry Zwicker

Terry Zwicker – This is the father to victim Trey Zwicker.  Terry was known as a devoted father who shared custody with Amanda McFarland.  He had planned a fishing trip on the upcoming weekend with his son where they were to spend the entire weekend together.  Terry was extremely devastated when he learned of son’s death saying “My son didn’t deserve any of that. The person, whoever did that, I hope they live with their self for the rest of their life for that. I hope they remember the sight of his face that I will never see again”.  Terry also believed there was information that was being hidden and was an active role in his son’s investigation.

Teri Zwicker

Teri Zwicker – Teri is the step mom to Trey and wife of Terry Zwicker.  Of course right away we think about being married to someone with the same name…seems a bit odd, but at least you won’t ever forget their name, right?  While she may not be Trey’s biological mother she helped raise Trey for ten years.  She was a large part of his life, even speaking to the court at Josh Gouker’s trial.  Teri did not believe Joshua Young was the one who committed the murder and described the relationship between Joshua and Trey as close. “When you talked to Trey he didn’t have no problems with lil Josh, you know?  They really didn’t hang out a lot, but they played basketball together, you know, they did things together. You wouldn’t think somebody that close to him would do something like that”.

This is a family breakdown of those inside the Joshua Young family dynamics that many of you have asked us for.  While this is just a brief history on the immediate individuals involved there are more family members who are watching with baited breath as to what will happen to Joshua. The Trial Divas are definitely staying on top of this trial as it has many facets enveloped inside.  Of course anytime a child is involved there is a weak spot for everyone who is watching and this case is no different.  So, with jury selection finishing up tomorrow and opening arguments set to begin, this will be one case these Trial Divas will be watching….until tomorrow, The Trial Divas xoxo

Source: AP, WKLY

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  1. My parents who had the greatest love affair of all time, including after my mom past shared the same name. They were both Pat (Patrick and Patricia), so seems kinda normal to me.

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