Jodi Arias Shackled in Court – Trial Divas Perspective

Jodi Arias 1Jodi Arias shackles

The alarm clock goes off at 2 am in order to make sure these trial divas get ready and trot down to the Maricopa County Courthouse to attend the Jodi Arias Status Conference set for today’s calendar. It is the first time we will see Jodi since the jury was unable to come to a unanimous decision regarding life or death. The day is built with great anticipation as every person who has been following the trial is hoping Judge Stephens will deny the defenses request for continuance and finish the retrial of sentencing phase. We know how important it is to support our fellow trial junkies by getting updated and accurate information, so we make sure we are there extra early in order to get in. This early arrival does not mean we fall short of caffeine as we make a pit stop at the local Starbuck’s since wine is not allowed in the courthouse. So, off we go in our Jimmy Choo’s to take on the day and see exactly what Judge Stephens and Jodi Arias have in store for everybody eagerly watching!

Upon arriving at the courthouse, it is eerily quiet as we immediately notice the absence of media galore and In Session trucks on every corner. Most notably absent were the mobs of spectators chasing down the cameras in hopes of getting their 15 min of fame. Well technically since the Jodi Arias trial has been a long and drudgerous one, they really found more like 3 hours of fame. Regardless of how much they received, today was not the day the sidewalks would be filled with the celebrity wannabe’s which meant the Trial Divas didn’t have to fight their way past the mobs and worry about breaking a nail to get in. That in itself is sweet victory.

Once inside we do the usual go through security, set off the buzzer, get scanned by officer and run to fifth floor…oh wait, we didn’t have to run to the elevator today. This was looking like it was going to be a successful endeavor. As the Trial Divas arrive on fifth floor we begin to wait for the doors to open allowing media, family and everyone else who is attempting to get a seat hoping for a glimpse of what the next step is. As the doors open, we pick our seats with an abundance to choose from and claim our stake. This means we will get a first hand glimpse for all our loyal followers being able to bring live data to each of them. As we sit in the courtroom we look around and most notably are the one million attorney’s that are present to represent other offenders. This makes it much different than the trial. During the trial phase, everything was Jodi Arias related. Every single person that was in that courtroom was there specifically for her. Not to support her, but rather in relation to her crime. This time there are a variety of cases with Jodi’s lumped amongst the group making her less important to the overall consensus. This is visible when her mother Sandra, a young man and one lady arrive together. They now no longer receive the special privilege of being personally delivered to the private seating in row one. No, they end up having to find their own seating arrangement which lands right behind the Trial Divas. Of course we snicker inside and can’t help but love the new set up while we change our mode to disbelief when her mom pulls out a small nail file and begins filing a few of her hot pink nails. In front of us are the three jurors who attended the hearing with the rest of the seating being taken by a fun group of mom’s from Iowa who were in town vacationing and well what better way to get a first hand glimpse of the trial than to be there. These women brought smiles to the court room as their love and support for Travis Alexander has been provided since day one by being loyal watchers from their home state each day. This was an amazing experience for them, and hey they get to see crazy Jodi in person. Their excitement and support brought them to Diva status in no time!

Then what came next is the moment we all have talked about, waited for and felt was long overdue. Jodi is escorted into the courtroom by guards who have her SHACKLED, yes I said shackled. Let me reiterate that Jodi Arias was in SHACKLES, stripes and hobbling. You could hear the clanking from the chains as she limped through the courtroom. Now I must stop and tell you that not only was she SHACKLED, the guards escorting her were in full body armor and were hefty in size. Even the female officer was so husky I would probably still lose if I had a stiletto as a weapon. With these large officers at the hand of Jodi Arias’s waist to guide her around, the perfect moment erupts as this woman who has controlled the media, demanded make-up and taken charge for so long is finally escorted through the plentiful pool of male attorneys as they watch this vain individual in her unflattering attire and greasy hair locked up tight shuffling past them in embarrassment. She tried to play it nonchalant in her stride and yet if one played close enough attention, Jodi Arias was deeply mortified. Instead of having pity it is apparent that Jodi is finally being treated like the criminal she is. As we sat there watching this, I hear birds chirp in my head and the song Hallelujah play as if I have just discovered a magnificent sale on some Christian Loutboutin’s.

Watching this provides a brief moment of pleasure knowing that she is very uncomfortable. There is a slight slant in her eye that is not the norm and her regular smirk is non-existent at this point. She is whisked into chambers with her attorney’s and the judge leaving the gallery of people to sit and wait for approximately an hour. The hustle and bustle resumes through the courtroom and we continue to discuss the different demeanor Jodi displays, conversing with those around us and quickly praying that our glee for seeing Jodi in SHACKLES doesn’t instigate her mom to tell on us for discussing in a public forum the thoughts of Jodi. Shortly before Jodi is brought back from chambers, the Trial Divas watch Juan as he sits next to Det. Flores in their cool home front that they have known for almost 5 months. He eventually rises up and meanders back to some of the seats in the gallery where spectators are sitting. It is always his refreshing nature that makes people admire him, while his passion earns respect. Watching him almost brings somewhat of a calm sense appearing untroubled making one feel everything in this complicated trial will work out and be finalized in the perfect manner. He continues to laugh, smile and interact with the public showing no sign of weakness. You can’t help but believe Jodi is still in for the fight of her life.

Upon the arrival of Jodi being escorted back in court where she eventually perches at her usual location, her facial structure has a slight smirk morphing her back into the creature she is known for. Judge Stephens begins going over the details of her case and each person in the courtroom is ready for battle. Quickly grabbing my paper and pen, I begin to write one stroke and listen to Judge Stephens wrap up in less than two minutes by saying the ruling for continuance will be delayed until July 18th, therefore vacating the retrial of sentencing phase until she has had a chance to rule on continuance. A small gasp and shock filters through the courtroom with Judge Stephens abruptly moving onto the next case. I had not had a chance to get a full loop to my word before she was asking if there was anything further. Of course Jodi was thrilled with the latest delay and suddenly began swooping her head around the courtroom realizing her family was not in their usual spot. It took a short moment before she zoomed in on her mom who was followed by the young man blowing kisses at her. This display of affection led to an excessive grin that revealed her dimples knowing that the action of the boy was wrong and yet Jodi likes defying her odds in every aspect of her life. To her this was a game and she enjoyed the interference. While the young man and Jodi were appearing to have a silent interaction, the court did not approve of the activities and he was escorted out of the courtroom, leaving Jodi’s mom slightly dumfounded.

Even though the actual status conference itself was short lived, it was well worth the 2 am alarm going off, the $16.00 parking fee, $10.00 in Starbucks, $40.00 in gas and $30.00 for lunch to watch Jodi Arias get paraded around the Maricopa County Courthouse room 5C with her chains and stripes knowing she is past the stage of no jury will ever convict her. Today was proof that she is in fact a convicted felon. I also say, throw in the 2 hour drive and that was worth seeing Wilmott walk in with a new purse knowing she has listened to the public and hopefully rested the soul of her burgundy handbag she carried for nearly five months. So, as usual the Jodi Arias case does not lack insane escapades, charades or circus tricks, and we still won’t know the outcome of the continuance and how that effects the retrial phase of sentencing for another month. In that time, get ready because I will say if Juanalicious isn’t looking nervous than these Divas will roll with the punches, grab a bottle of wine and kick back with a fabulous pair of stilettos to end the night. Until next month…The Trial Divas xoxo

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54 thoughts on “Jodi Arias Shackled in Court – Trial Divas Perspective

  1. We are pretty sure we know the name of him, once we verify it we will update the information. The court did not want to let his name out, so we are doing some digging. To look at him he appears to be mid teens but believe he is older. So once we confirm all this the Trial Divas will let you all know!:)

  2. What a great report , you had me in stitches and so into reading your article I turned my music off to hear every word I was reading in my head .. Great Job.

  3. Where have you Trial Divas been in my Jodi Arias Trial history! Thanks for your astute observations! Look forward to more installments. I would have given ANYTHING to see Jodi FINALLY put in her place, paraded out in the fashion of brutal, cold blooded murderer that she is!!!

  4. One of my best friends is CERTAIN they assigned such a horizontally challenged guard to Jodi, in order for there to be a clean, head shot available! :)

  5. I’m confused about this boy…. please fill me in. Is this a love interest of hers? pretty pathetic if it is.

    • I don’t truly believe he is a love interest. I saw him more as a friend of hers and I’m not even sure he likes women to be honest. He was viewed as more of a brotherly/friend type in court and how he acted, his body language coupled with his demeanor. I think we have to remember that just because he blew her kisses doesn’t mean they are lovers. I blow kisses to my friends, kids, husband. Despite the hatred for this woman we still have to keep an honest perspective. Hope this helps! :)

  6. Thanks for the feedback…. I didn’t think they would be lovers as prison/jail certainly wouldn’t accommodate that but was just curious.

  7. Thanks so much for the Arias courtroom update, so glad she was shackled and in prison garb. Loved your article and look forward to the updates

  8. Pray tell who that guy was! I heard about this yesterday, and some said it was her little brother. But her brother has been saying how screwed up she is, right? So who was the dude? I know he and her mother tried to approach her, but a sheriff intercepted. But who was the guy? And who the HELL is she giggling about while looking back at the gallery & whispering to her jowel sister WilMUTT? All of this is just… beyond me. She’s a fricking arrogant bitch, imo. Off soapbox now.

    • It definitely was not her brother, he was’t there yesterday. Jodi’s mom did not try to approach her, it was just the male who was blowing her kisses and they kicked him out for doing that. She was smiling at this young man while he was blowing the kisses. She thought it was funny of course. That is what she was looking at and laughing about. None of it is funny, but you know the crazy brain of Jodi, doesn’t run normal in any capacity! Thanks Flipper for stopping by on this side of Twitter, you’re a true Diva! :)

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  10. Thank you for the funny take on this horrible tragedy. I would have paid money to be one of the guards just so I could periodically trip her while she was in shackles and handcuffs. :)

  11. I am so happy to hear she was uncomfortable and mortified entering the courtroom. She deserves it and more! I am glad and entertained to read your hilarious recount of the court proceeding. Thank you

  12. Loved reading this, as with all thing Hodi well written. Oh as a spelling nazi I bring you this one thing.
    “with an abundance to choose from and claim our steak.”
    Should be stake was claimed, as in the great Klondike gold rush,
    Luv ya

  13. Thank you for the multiple mentioning of the SHACKLES, the hobbling, the sound of the chains, the humiliation, the lack of smirk, her [creepy] scanning of the courtroom, the greasy hair, the stripes, the clanking of chains as she limped through, seeing her for what she is (“the criminal”), the guards in fully-body armor escorting.. All of these visuals are very satisfying.
    As others have expressed, I hope this judge finally puts her foot down and does not allow this defense teams of tricksters to delay this trial any longer!

  14. Loved your insightful views of Hodie. dressed in shackles and prison stripes. I loved the greasy hair. I ma so looking forward to more updates. You ROCK TrialDivas.

  15. I can’t tell you of the comfort, and, yes, pleasure too, that I got from reading this and knowing JA was in stripes and shackled during this little event.

    • Everyone in the courtroom had a gasp as she came out..we were all as satisfied as you were. Finally she looked like a person that committed a terrible and heinous murder. It felt like justice!

  16. It is so sad that she still smirks, laughs and finds humor in any of this! It is sad that the judge does not see this type of disrespect and still gave her extended time.

    • Yes…I’m baffled at how she was able to get away with all that stuff in court. I didn’t like how Willmott made faces either. This second go around will be interesting..

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